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Although humans share close to 99% of genes, the last 1% makes our appearance, personal health, predispositions and many other traits different. Essentially, our genes play a huge role in determining our individual attributes. Multiple studies in human genetics revealed associations between genes and personal traits among humans.

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What can customers learn from?

This genetic test tells customers about their personal traits in Sports & Fitness based on their personal genetic blueprint. BioMD genetics generates a comprehensive outline for personal traits, such as muscle power, endurance, recovery, injuries and other more specific characteristics relevant to certain sports. The information is highly useful and actionable, not only for professional athletes, but also for casual fitness enthusiasts. 
The product has been marketed under PictoGene brand.


What can customers learn from?

We all know that we should balance our nutrition that is essential for life. However, the right balance for one individual might not be a good fit for another, simply because of the differences in human bodies on a functional level. Genetic testing helps individuals - learn about their genetic personal traits, wisely adjust diet, and control body weight.

The product has been marketed under PictoGene brand.

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