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BioMD Genetics Inc. is a Canadian innovation-driven company that develops human genetic testing and health data management solutions to business partners. We have been constantly innovating and using the best current practices and technologies of clinical data storage, health data analytics, and human genetics science to provide our clients and their customers with the best possible experience.

Our creative and qualified team, consisting of researchers, bioinformaticians, medical doctors and practitioners, ensures that top-quality services are delivered to our clients and their customers. This commitment to all our stakeholders, and respect for each other, is rooted in our values. Our culture of integrity - doing the right things every day - demonstrates not only value of highest standards for our products, but also our strong commitment to maintaining a personal relationship with our partners.

BioMD Genetics helps its business partners securely store clinical and genetic data, analyze this massive amount of digital data and generate meaningful information for stakeholders, such as practitioners, patients and healthy people.



The Health product line was developed to perform preconception carrier screening tests for hereditary disorders, compute risks of developing multifactorial diseases and discover traits regarding personal responses to certain pharmaceutical drugs. Knowing about genetic traits in personal health can make a big difference in the well-being of our customers.


The Wellness product line was designed for people wanting to learn about their genetic traits in Sports, Fitness, Nutrition and Aging. This highly personalized information helps customers wisely manage a personal lifestyle, considering their genetic predispositions.


Collaboration is, indeed, one of our top business priorities. We highly value our ongoing collaboration and co-operation with academic institutions and business partners in Canada, the United States, and Latin America. The areas of collaboration include bioinformatics, managing medical records, health data storage, and human genetics research.

Want to learn more about our research of ethnic admixtures in Latin America? Please contact us!


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Our customers trust us with their privacy and personal information. Protecting that information, and respecting their privacy, is fundamental to maintaining that trust. Our privacy and security policies meet the requirements of all applicable laws, rules and regulations.