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Analyzing personal genetic data BioMD Genetics generates valuable information about genetic ancestry and genetic alterations that can cause hereditary disorders. This is a useful tool to identify the cause of hereditary diseases running in the family, and to pave the way for targeted treatments for current and future family members that are biological relatives. BioMD Genetics performs post-mortem analysis of a deceased person’s DNA, allowing families to pass their genetic make-up down to future generations and provide a meaningful way to commemorate and remember their loved one. Learning about genetic mutations may provide critical opportunities for surviving relatives.

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Post-Mortem DNA Analysis: About

Innovative Kit

BioMD Genetics provides an innovative kit and automated supply process that are quick and efficient. The kit includes tools with guidelines for collecting a DNA sample using a buccal swab; you will also find all required legal forms to be completed prior to a sample collection. The sampling kit is available online and can be provided by one of our partnered funeral homes. Should you have any questions regarding the kit and/or sample collection process, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Post-Mortem DNA Analysis: About
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