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Carrier Status is a preconception carrier screening test for hereditary diseases. Nowadays, 5% of children are born with a hereditary pathology, and 20% of these children die within the first 5 years of life. Most rare diseases are inherited through autosomal recessive type when the parents are healthy. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals and couples undertake the preconception carrier screening before having children, to reduce risks of passing on hereditary conditions that result in genetic disorders developed by their children. It may also be crucial to know about such disorders because some conditions can be treated early in a child’s life. Knowing before, or early in pregnancy, can make a big difference in the wellbeing of the family. Several countries have already introduced a mandatory carrier screening for couples. More and more family planning and fertility clinics offer carrier screening to satisfy their clients by high quality service.


What can customers learn from?

We have been rapidly moving to the era of personalized medicine, when a patient is not just “another client” taking medication that is good enough on average. There is a growing number of FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs for which personal genetics is actionable. In other words, genetic testing helps improve drug prescriptions and optimizes treatment outcomes. BioMD Genetics developed a pharmacogenetics test that profiles personal genetic traits for verified drug-gene associations listed by the FDA.   

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